One G, Two G

Meet the Gs:

Candice (G2) answers to many names including Candi-cat, Candi-pants, Candi-Apple, Candi-cane and  other renditions but not usually Candi, unless you are her BFF or husband. At Seven Six Four, we will refer to her as G2.

“She loves having her hair curled.”

She now answers to Mom!


G2 is in her late 20’s, married, has a small farm in a 3 bedroom home in West Seattle. Her small farm includes two members of the feline species, one of the canine species, and four fish.

“She can be a little sheepish.”

She grew up in the geographical center of MT and graduated from the University of Montana with a Sociology degree with an emphasis in Criminology. She didn’t really think about what she truly loved to do before attaining said degree.

“Thinking she should follow her dreams”

She truly loves sewing and refashioning clothes, but most importantly  after a compliment to her work and an inquiry of where she bought it, she loves revealing that she made it!

“She loves working with paper”

Lately, she has moved more into the direction of interior styling, specializing in optimizing space and minimizing clutter. She has decided to take a step in the right direction and do what she loves. You’ll find many of her tutorials including successes and failures. She hopes you can find the courage to follow your heart and make your life everything you want it to be.

“She wears yellow like a boss.”


Wink Wink

Patrick (G1) is multi-talented. Talent drips from every finger and blesses everything he touches. Also from MT, G1 graduated from the University of Montana with a Fine Arts and a Media Arts degree. One degree wasn’t enough for G1.


Did you say lasagna? I love lasagna!

G1’s favorite color is red and his uniform involves cardigans and corduroys. T’shirts are his weakness, having enough t’shirts to wear one every day for at least 3 months without wearing the same one twice.


He always puts his best foot forward. 

Patrick loves designing, animating, and general geekery. He was kind enough to lend his design talents to many friends and family, designing both his sister’s and his wedding stationary.


Pound it!

G2 loves living in Seattle where he frequently attends sporting events for the Seattle Sounders, the Seahawks and the Mariners. So much in fact,  he will leave one stadium for the next and participate in multiple events in one day.


Making it rain!

He’s creative and witty, and loves to make it rain confetti like in the above picture taken in France, at a confetti battle, on our one year anniversary.


We’re out of lasagna?           It’s over.


Cooking, BBQ’ing drinking gin and tonics and micro-brews (he will never turn down an IPA), watching shows (concerts), fantasy football, following his heart. This list goes on.


What should I conquer next?

Life loves him and he loves life.



Bring it life.

Turns out he became a parent, too.

Baby Wearing Dad

Scarlet (G3) is also multi-talented. She excels at stealing hearts and chewing on Sophie.

4 month Scarlet


If her mouth isn’t full of hands, it’s full of smiles and laughter.

Smiling Baby

Smiling Baby

Did we mention we have a small colony of animals?



Addison -AKA Addy Cat- is the eldest. A gift many Christmas’s ago that keeps on giving (er, taking).

And because she needed a friend:


Because who needed a friend?

Sparks (after the denounced alcoholic energy drink); the middle child.

And because it’s impossible to have a few glasses of champagne and not get a puppy while in France for the summer (ammature Americans):


I’m French. Oui Oui

Archer, our French Australian Shepherd.


That’s us: the two G’s, little G, and our 3 peeps. 


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