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PomPom Curtains for a Nursery


February of last year, I started to style a little girl’s nursery, and in October of the same year, that little girl stole my heart. G1 and I were so excited to be adding a G3 to our clan and wanted to give her a bright energy filled room to encourage her creativity! We chose a yellow IKEA rug as our base. It has just the amount of movement and color that we needed. Everything else sort of revolved around that rug.

We had quite a few IKEA Vivian curtains on hand. These are a go-to curtain and work wonderfully in any room. I love to use what I have so we mounted the curtains and loved (like always) the light filtering through. Even as a novice parent, I knew I would have to eventually line them with blackout fabric, but more on that another time. Let’s just enjoy the light.

White IKEA Curtains

White IKEA CurtainsArcher even approves. I am always a little concerned when he smiles with his teeth showing- who taught him that?

Always a helpy-helperton!

Always a helpy-helperton!


I used one of my favorite sources, ETSY, to find some pom-pom trim. I was so happy with MODERN CLOTH’S Etsy shop and it turned out she’s located here in Washington, too. BONUS! She was great to work with, even digging in her own personal stash and making a custom order from the supplier. She has a great selection of fabric and notions. Long story short, I ended up with 25 yards of baby pom-poms in tangerine. They were perfect!

Easy peasy to apply. Line the trim on the side of your curtain and sew on top.

Orange Pom-Pom Trim Curtain


Orange Pom-Pom Trim Curtain

Orange Pom-Pom Trim CurtainThanks for looking!


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Re-Arranging and Refreshing an Apartment

A good friend of mine recently moved into a new town home style apartment and asked me to come help her make it cozy. Quickly I agreed!

Our challenge was to find a lay-out that worked with the hall-way layout. Unfortunately, there isn’t a wall in the living room that is bare – one has windows, the other a fireplace and the the last wall had an under-stairs storage door.

Here are a few before shots (sorry about the Iphone photos! I always forget my camera):




She had the TV in front of the windows and the couch opposite, creating a plane and a bottle-neck for traffic, ultimately blocking the flow of the room.



You can see here that there isn’t a true wall in the house so we had to be a bit creative. Below is evidence of the bottleneck created by the couch when it was positioned perpendicular to the wall. On a positive note, having the couch in this position sectioned off the “hall-way” and created two distinct spaces. Ultimately, flow and function beat out the separate spaces as my friend was expecting her first baby and wanted there to be room to play.


First, we swapped the TV and the couch and moved the purple flower area rug up into the baby’s room.  Although the TV seems unconventional against the wall, it has a swivel feature that allows for a great view from the couch. The TV/Stand isn’t altering the flow of the apartment and is still functional.  The rug didn’t quite fit in with the rest of room and she loved the idea of adding it to the baby room. Win, win, win.


In the space above the fireplace, we decided to add mirrors and use it for book storage. I am an advocate of shopping your home, so we quickly grabbed a few mirrors and used them as a backdrop. The mirrors bounced light out of the dark nook and gave a sense of a window. Since shooting this photo, we have added two frameless mirrors that fill the space and turned all the books with their spine facing the mirrors.  I love how the area turned out.



We didn’t want to place any large permanent furniture agains the wall with the under-stair storage door as it is used frequently and the area doubles as a runway for the stroller. We knew this would be a great place for a gallery wall. She had enough prints for more than one wall, but we tried to squeeze as many as we could!  The space besides the under-stair storage door was left blank to house a chair in the future. Since taking this photo, a beautiful vintage chair has been added.

Over the gallery wall, we added a few branches she had collected and also placed more above the windows behind the couch. I need to take more photos soon with all the updates!


Art Wall



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Right on, Target

I don’t generally condone leaving my apartment past 8 (my new lifestyle since beginning an 8-5 job mid-January) but I knew we were out of contact solution so I was forced to go shopping last night. Of course Fred Meyers wouldn’t cut it… if I was going out, I was going to Target.  I might as well get a little visual simulation in while shopping for domestic products.

I made my way through my list, crossing off contact solution, body wash, face lotion, polish remover, and milk.

I made my way back to the home department where I was pleasantly surprised with their selection. I’m not one of those people who successfully find, buy, and get complimented on Target purchases so it’s rare that I come home with anything. But on this particular rule-bending trip, I was successful and I am happy to share great pieces from Target.

If we get the apartment we applied for, our master bedroom will be the loft with slanted ceilings which means we would need rather short and dainty bed-side tables to fit. I am a sucker for anything industrial looking  and if it’s actually industrial and has a hint of rust on it, I can’t resist. I thought this hammered drum-esque table would be a nice fit.


Round Hammered Metal Accent Table

The size, color and style would be great, but I wonder if the table would be practical? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for books, reading glasses, water, or an alarm clock/cell phone on it. After realizing that I store quite a few things next to my bed, it seemed more practical to opt for a table with a drawer or shelf .


Accent Table with Drawer

Around the aisle, I ran into this accent table with a crisp creamy finish. It seems like a nice fit with the drawer. It’s hard to pick this piece apart, but if I had to choose one flaw I would like the lines to be a little more square i.e. the legs wouldn’t bow out.


Lattice Top Accent Table

Yes! I love this table! What a great color of green and boxy style with a touch of flair in the lattice. There isn’t a drawer and there isn’t a shelf – sad face, but I see potential for adding a shelf and I will keep this one in mind for another room.

And then there was this:


Iron and Wood Accent Table

Simply wonderful. The industrial iron mixed with the cottage/barn wood. It also had a shelf and a wide surface that reminded me of the furniture line I have been eyeing at World Market. Although there isn’t a drawer, there must be a basket out there destined to fit this table. The price is a little steep for me ($79.99), -I would have to save my pennies- but I think it might be worth it.

If we get the apartment we are hoping for, we will finally have hard wood floors which means I can indulge in a few area rugs! I decided to check out Target’s selection, and to my surprise, I liked what I saw! I wouldn’t mind having any of the following rugs:


Over-dyed Area Rug


Asilah Sarah Area Rug


Wool/Jute Area Rug in a Grey – prefect for a lighter floor to bring contrast.

I would love to collect these canisters for our hutch but I have already committed to glass jars with labels.




Thankfully, I only left with two additional items in the form of swimming suits.

This cute floral pieces:


Which I decided I didn’t like. The bottoms were designed for those who enjoy full coverage. Personally, I like my bikini bottom to hit right across my lower hip (where the cut line should be from my abs) because I think it plays up my non-existent curves.

The second one I bought:


The bottoms had more of the hip-hugging fit I was looking for but the top left me longing for (a-hem) something more. I am tempted to keep the bottoms and play mix-n-match with pieces I already have, but I’m definitely not sold on the top as it is built for a lady who has the goods for the package.

I am keeping these home  items on my ‘maybe list’ for our future (hopefully) apartment and for inspiration when looking for thrifted items.

Since we are headed to Hawaii in a little less than a month, I’ll have to think about the 1/2 of my 4 piece swim-suit binge and decide if I have a good mate for it.