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DIY HeadBand Holder


At C3’s baby shower, my lovely hosts had all the supplies to make headbands for our little girl. Everyone made a headband and signed a little note to baby G. I almost put them in a jar, but wanted to be able to pick a headband quick and easy.

Everything I needed to make this wood head band holder was already on hand. The life of a hoarder, eh?


The piece of wood I found was already the right size for the wall space I had picked to hang it. I applied two coats of Early American stain and called it good.




I painted the hooks with a few layers of Rustoleum white spray paint. Using a bunch of sample paints I had on hand, I chose 3 different shades of blue. I painted two hooks a bright pink/red that we used to paint the inside of her dresser drawers (more on that later).WoodHeadBandHolder3



I made the mistake of painting the screw heads before I used them to attach the hooks. I ended up repainting the screws after I attached the hooks because I stripped the paint attaching them. WoodHeadBandHolder5

Do Not paint screw heads before using the screws to attach the hooks. I repeat: WASTE OF TIME!

Do Not paint screw heads before using the screws to attach the hooks. I repeat: WASTE OF TIME!

I attached two eye hole screws to the top of the shelf and found some old fabric to hang the head band holder with.





WoodHeadBandHolder9Voila. I have since changed out the fabric used to hang the head band holder and replaced it with a teal ribbon. I would post a picture but someone’s napping and we all know the saying… don’t wake a sleeping baby.


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Chalkboard Plaque {Don’t believe me, ask the dishes!}

Plaque Turtorial

I’m pretty sure you can buy these sorts of plaques at any craft store or if you aren’t as crafty but you are a bit thrifty, I found mine at Goodwillys.

I was immediately drawn to it because it looked a lot like a disney character. Do you see it, too? Without hesitation, I bought the plaque and then quickly put it in my craft box until I was ready for it. I ended up ‘being ready’ for it 8 months later. It just so happened that I needed a chalk board. I put 2 and 2 together and decided to craft myself a chalkboard plaque.

I finished the project within 2 hours including drying time between layers of chalk paint. Here’s how I did it.

Using a Clorox bleach wipe, I wiped the entire plaque to reveal its glory.

Plaque Before

The sun was out in Seattle, so Archer and I took advantage of this by completing our entire project outside in the yard.

Plaque Archer

Are you awarding me with that? It’s not gold.

Using my orbital sander, I began sanding the top of the plaque to remove the veneer. I didn’t sand the edge of the plaque as I thought it gave it a Made Men look. They wouldn’t use chalk, I know, but they would like that I was using something that designates achievement.

Plaque Sanding

I was able to completely remove the veneer by sanding. After doing so, I used another Clorox wipe and washed off all of the sanding debris.

Plaque Sanding Finished

Are you beginning to see which Disney character this looks like? Hint: “This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. And, as I always say, “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”

I used painters tape to tape around the top surface. This was a bit tricky, as the face, er, the plaque surface had angled edges. It took a lot of tape maneuvering and tearing.

Plaque Taped for Painting

Using an old bottle of chalkboard spray paint, I did as I’ve been told to do by every can of spray paint, ever.

Light, even strokes and let it dry in between coats.

Chalkboard Spraypaint

After the first coat:
Plaque Chalkdboard Paint Layers

And after the 5th coat I peeled away the painters tape to reveal my perfect chalkboard plaque.

Plaque Finshed

I hung it in the kitchen where we tend to do most of our documenting: shopping lists, to-do lists, recipes, menus, etc.

Plaque Finished Close - up

Have you guessed which Disney character I am referring to, yet?

If you are like me and immediately saw Cogsworth from The Beauty and The Beast, then you, too, are amazing!

Naturally, G1 and I took turns drawing on our best Cogsworth face. I went first….

Plaque Candice

Cogsworth according to G2
“[singing] Well, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before.”

And G2 took it to the next level. He can do no wrong to Cogsworth.

Plaque Patrick

Cogsworth according to G1:
“Well, there’s the usual things: flowers… chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep… “

We love having Gaston in our kitchen, servicing us like the true Beauty and the Beast that we are.


…A tale as old as time….

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A Christmas Log {Spray Painted Decor}

It’s been so long since I’ve shared a creation. I have been very busy and it’s only the beginning of December. I have a few other projects coming up that I will be gifting for Christmas, so hopefully, I will be able to keep up with my posts.

SprayPainted Log

I am still a little addicted to spray painting. I guess I haven’t officially tried to stop spray painting, but even I have realized it needs to simmer down a little. I found this plastic log candle holder at Goodwillys and knew instantly that a fresh coat of paint would make it a great piece for Christmas decor.

I think the log ended up costing around $6 with tax and I had the spray paint already (of course!). I bought the candles at WorlMarket/CostPlus on sale spending around $5. For around $11 I had myself a Yuletide Log!

The log seemed like it had white spray painted dots on it, but I think they were supposed to make it look more realistic when viewed from a distance. I took it as a sign to keep spray painting.


SprayPainted Log


I washed it with dish soap and then laid out a piece of plastic on our deck table and began spray painting. I knew I would end up with quite a few coats, but I was a bit surprised that I finished off a relatively new can of spray paint. It was challenging to get into all the crevices and cracks to get perfect coverage.


So I kept adding layers.


And eventually I had an empty can of spray paint and a white crisp log!


SprayPainted Log

Thanks for looking!


Setting Sail {Sail Boat Key Holder}

Entryways and foyers are the first thing people notice about your home so having an organized and decorative entryway says a lot about what to expect throughout the rest of the house. I consider them a preview of what’s to come. Unfortunately, our current apartment’s entryway opens right into the kitchen/livingroom/office. We basically have one large room functioning on overtime for all three purposes. So when you walk into our apartment, you don’t really have a formal preview but more of a full on view, the actual picture. I have been playing around with this “space” for a while, trying to find something that would give us a preview room.

For functionality reasons, we need somewhere to host our coats, shoes, accessories, keys and any baggage we need to drop right when we come in the door. We have one closet where I used a shoe rack to maintain our shoes (read- keep the shoes away from the dogs mouth) and extra coats and P hung a coat rack right next to the door that catches our in-use coats and bags. This takes care of a couple of our needs, but still leaves the keys and the preview punch we desire.

Originally, I had been using these vintage racks I had found at Goodwillys by the door to hold keys and hats, but upon further inspection, I had decided that they were so boring! The wood practically matched the rest of the wood in our apartment, and quite frankly, they looked cluttered and clutter is our number one enemy in our small living space. These had to go and needed to be replaced by something with a little character.

With this in mind, I found a brass sailboat key holder at Goodwillys and it was love at first sight. You may or may not know that I love spray painting. Anytime I want to pull a switcheroo my immediate thought is to spray paint! For $5 I snagged the key holder and for $4 (Valspar Gloss  in Gold Abundance) more I snagged a can of yellow spray paint. I was initially concerned that the yellow was too similar to brass so why not just leave it alone but then decided to go for yellow as I need to cut back on the blue (I mean really? beside white and blue – what other colors are there?!)

I washed the key holder and took it outside and spray painted it. It took around 6 coats of paint before I was satisfied with the outcome. And satisfied I was! We live on a lake so the sail boats have some relevance, it’s not blue, and it’s not cluttered. A home for our keys and a more refined preview for our space.

JOY! {Holiday Brass Candlestick Holders}

I’ve seen quite a few tutorials on spray painting brass lamps and candle stick holders and have been infected with the brass-meet-spray-paint itch. All the tutorials seem low cost, easy-peasy, and yield high-impact results. So, I set off to find the perfect piece of brass.

Low Cost?

I made my usual rounds (Goodwillys, REACH, Children’s Hospital Thrift store, Value Village, Craigslist) with dreams of finding a perfectly bubbly lamp duo. After locating a few options, I decided that second hand stores must be addicted to Pinterst too. It seemed like the pieces I loved were much more than I bargained for ($30 for a lamp?!) or I just have expensive taste.

After a week of searching, I headed back to REACH on a Whacky Wednesday  where you reach into a brass bucket ( I would have liked to spray paint it as well) and draw a piece of paper with a percentage on it (anywhere from 40% – 70%) and receive that percentage off your entire purchase. They have their holiday section up and I was able to snag two brass candle holders for $2.50 a piece. When I got to the counter, I reached in and pulled out 50% so my total ended up being $1.67 (I think she forgot to charge me for two candle holders). Now we’re talking bargains!

I then headed over to Fred Meyers and picked up a bottle of KRYLON indoor/outdoor glossy spray paint in white on sale for $3.


I set up a station outside by cutting a garbage bag open and taping it to the railing, washed the candle stick holders, and I was ready to go.
I spray painted the first coat right side up and after it had dried (I waited 30 minutes), I turned the candle stick holder upside down and sprayed the other direction, hoping to avoid drip marks. I did this rotation 2 more times before I was finished.

The result seemed like a scene from CB2 – modern and bright.

High-impact Results? 

I am very happy with the result and even more satisfied that I was able to scratch the brass-meet-spray-paint itch. Now that I have figured out how it works and exactly how easy the actual process is, I feel the itch to try other items. I am definitely still in the market for a perfectly bubbly brass lamp duo. Have you tried spray painting brass?


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