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Reorganize, Rearrange, and Refresh {Our Office}


I have been lusting after a magazine worthy office for quite some time. But let’s be honest. I didn’t want to spend the money on buying all new furniture and wanted to make what we had work! So when we decided to move all of our “office” stuff from our larger bedroom into our cozy bedroom, we really needed to be realistic about the furniture we wanted in there.

I love to shop my own house. It saves a lot of money and it’s exciting to find new uses and homes for things you already have – keeping it fresh! That’s exactly what we did. And would you believe we had an entire office set-up, matching to-boot, in our home already?


G2 Desk After

Here are a few before shots for dramas sake. Looking into our expected new office from our living room. With the glass paned windows, we were constantly looking into the room which provided extra motivation to get this place cleaned up.

Office Door Before


After we moved everything over from the larger room, we realized we had quite a bit of stuff in there. We were using the other room (with a large closet) for both office and sewing/crafting.


This is G1’s corner of the room.

I shopped the two wicker chairs from our dining room table. Matchy matchy is the name of the game. Office Before 2
Office Before 3

Office Before 4

And my corner. Here you can see that we had shopped 2 laptop desks and one shelving unit from Ikea from other areas of our home. They were a great choice for this room for a few reasons: 1. I needed 2 surfaces for our computers 2. They are shallow, taking up minimal space. 

Office Before 6After a few hours of cleaning and putting items in new homes, we ended up with a room that we actually like!


Office After Door


Office After 1

Office After 2


You can see how I made the paint card sample art here and the animal string art in the window,  here.

Office After 3

And for all our other items that needed a home, I ended up adding shelves tiny closet. I’ll post more about that later.



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Furry Family {String Art Animal Silhouettes}


Our family is a little unbalanced when it comes to pet to human ratio. Humans: 2 Pets: 3. But, we love them dearly and have to remind ourselves that we are not allowed any more pets! This of course excludes P’s fish tank because they seem to have a shorter life span. I was in a pet store recently admiring their pet picture frames. Really adorable wooden frames with distressed paint and paw prints all over them. What a great idea to frame pictures of your pets as they are part of the family, aren’t they? I knew I had a million cute photos and all I would need to do is print them and frame them, but as you know, I am very indecisive and some might say I am impatient. Following through with this would mean I would have to narrow down the selection of pictures and choose only 1 of each animal. THEN, I would have to choose frames and THEN I would have to find a great place to hang them…. so not happening. Instead I headed over to my Pinterest board where I have been collecting activities I would love to try and found a few that would work.

I decided to combine string art + silhouette art+ my lovely models to create one piece of art instead of multiple framed pieces. The end result?

Meow Wuff Meow


Here’s how it all went down:

I gathered my supplies.

Board (I picked up a free piece of pine at Home Depot. It was an end piece that someone had already paid for and left behind making it free for me!)

Primer in White

Black paint

Paint brush

Painting tape


Measuring tape (used to create stripes with painters tape)


Yarn (3 colors according my pet’s coats)



First, I spray painted my pine with white glossy spray paint and it turns out that Pine wood hates my spray paint.

So I turned to my faithful friend, Primer. A few coats later, I had a great base.

While those layers were drying, I found a few photos that would work for the silhouettes. I opened them in Photoshop and used the magic wand tool to create a silhouette. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to work Photoshop, so I did a lot of googling (that’s a word, right? ) and took a few lessons from my husband. With his help I was able to create a few silhouettes that would work. I cut them out and set them aside until I was ready for them.

I decided to skip using paint over the primer as I already had a matte white that would work for the project. With the painters tape, I taped off stripes so I could have a color on the white pallet. White is great, but I have to remind myself that a little bit of color looks great in our space.

After I had taped off my board, I needed to create a grey paint. Since I have one black cat and a grey cat, I needed the grey to be light. I used the white primer as a base and added a bit of black acrylic to create a light grey.

Then I got busy painting the grey. It took 3 coats until I was happy with the results. For best results, do a light sanding in between coats. It’s not that hard. After the grey had dried, I removed the painters tape to see my work!

I liked what I saw so I decided to move forward. I then took my cutout animal silhouettes and taped them where I wanted them on my board. I began nailing around the silhouette outline, paying close attention to places that defined each pet. For instance, our grey cat has a lot of hair so I made sure to give her a puffy outline!

With the yarn, I tied one end around where I thought the animals tail might be and started wrapping it around the nails. I went around the outline 5 times to start, then filled in the center by stringing the art across the animal’s body. I tried to make it more dense where the feet and ears were.

I love this piece! It was actually fun stringing the yarn between nails – probably my love of french braiding kicking in. I think the stripes in the background were a great juxtaposition agains the crazy crossing motion of the yarn!
It should be know that I had originally began using thread and didn’t think it packed enough of a punch. Personally, I like how the chunkyness of the yarn resembles the actual coats of our pets.






We are so happy with our family portrait!