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After a trip to Goodwill I ended up with an old frame with a wood backing to it. I really had no idea what to do with it so I gathered a few different blue paints I had from past projects and began painting. It quickly began to look like water and I thought that was OK. It remained that way for many months. Recently I decided I needed a rather large piece to use in the bathroom so I pulled it out (thinking it was calming) and hung it up. It was all wrong and so bland! It was very obvious it needed to have a mermaid swimming in it. DUH!

Mermaid Tail


I used a white chalk marker and drew directly onto the painted surface. It took a few layers.  I then began to draw a pattern in the middle with a pencil. After I was satisfied with my pattern, I used blue chalk markers to trace over the pencil lines.


I used 2 different shades of blue, a gold marker,  and weighted the lines. 20140210-185606.jpg

The finished result:


I love it in our bathroom – just the splash we needed.


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Reorganize. Re-arrange. Refresh. {the bathroom }

I finally had time and motivation to address the bathroom. It had become over-crowded with toiletries and sadly, I had gotten accustomed to the crowd! It is such a breath of fresh air having our counter and ledge clean. Although it will take time to get used to having all our daily-use toiletries live in the cabinet, I think it will be worth having a clear and fresh space.
I cleared the counter by moving everything except the hand soap to a cabinet. I did the same with the repurposed tool box on the ledge and then moved it to the back of the seat to hold reading material and a spare roll of paper. I added a third crate to the shelves and stacked them on their sides to create a shelf for the towels, extra reading material, and scale.





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