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DIY HeadBand Holder


At C3’s baby shower, my lovely hosts had all the supplies to make headbands for our little girl. Everyone made a headband and signed a little note to baby G. I almost put them in a jar, but wanted to be able to pick a headband quick and easy.

Everything I needed to make this wood head band holder was already on hand. The life of a hoarder, eh?


The piece of wood I found was already the right size for the wall space I had picked to hang it. I applied two coats of Early American stain and called it good.




I painted the hooks with a few layers of Rustoleum white spray paint. Using a bunch of sample paints I had on hand, I chose 3 different shades of blue. I painted two hooks a bright pink/red that we used to paint the inside of her dresser drawers (more on that later).WoodHeadBandHolder3



I made the mistake of painting the screw heads before I used them to attach the hooks. I ended up repainting the screws after I attached the hooks because I stripped the paint attaching them. WoodHeadBandHolder5

Do Not paint screw heads before using the screws to attach the hooks. I repeat: WASTE OF TIME!

Do Not paint screw heads before using the screws to attach the hooks. I repeat: WASTE OF TIME!

I attached two eye hole screws to the top of the shelf and found some old fabric to hang the head band holder with.





WoodHeadBandHolder9Voila. I have since changed out the fabric used to hang the head band holder and replaced it with a teal ribbon. I would post a picture but someone’s napping and we all know the saying… don’t wake a sleeping baby.


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PomPom Curtains for a Nursery


February of last year, I started to style a little girl’s nursery, and in October of the same year, that little girl stole my heart. G1 and I were so excited to be adding a G3 to our clan and wanted to give her a bright energy filled room to encourage her creativity! We chose a yellow IKEA rug as our base. It has just the amount of movement and color that we needed. Everything else sort of revolved around that rug.

We had quite a few IKEA Vivian curtains on hand. These are a go-to curtain and work wonderfully in any room. I love to use what I have so we mounted the curtains and loved (like always) the light filtering through. Even as a novice parent, I knew I would have to eventually line them with blackout fabric, but more on that another time. Let’s just enjoy the light.

White IKEA Curtains

White IKEA CurtainsArcher even approves. I am always a little concerned when he smiles with his teeth showing- who taught him that?

Always a helpy-helperton!

Always a helpy-helperton!


I used one of my favorite sources, ETSY, to find some pom-pom trim. I was so happy with MODERN CLOTH’S Etsy shop and it turned out she’s located here in Washington, too. BONUS! She was great to work with, even digging in her own personal stash and making a custom order from the supplier. She has a great selection of fabric and notions. Long story short, I ended up with 25 yards of baby pom-poms in tangerine. They were perfect!

Easy peasy to apply. Line the trim on the side of your curtain and sew on top.

Orange Pom-Pom Trim Curtain


Orange Pom-Pom Trim Curtain

Orange Pom-Pom Trim CurtainThanks for looking!


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After a trip to Goodwill I ended up with an old frame with a wood backing to it. I really had no idea what to do with it so I gathered a few different blue paints I had from past projects and began painting. It quickly began to look like water and I thought that was OK. It remained that way for many months. Recently I decided I needed a rather large piece to use in the bathroom so I pulled it out (thinking it was calming) and hung it up. It was all wrong and so bland! It was very obvious it needed to have a mermaid swimming in it. DUH!

Mermaid Tail


I used a white chalk marker and drew directly onto the painted surface. It took a few layers.  I then began to draw a pattern in the middle with a pencil. After I was satisfied with my pattern, I used blue chalk markers to trace over the pencil lines.


I used 2 different shades of blue, a gold marker,  and weighted the lines. 20140210-185606.jpg

The finished result:


I love it in our bathroom – just the splash we needed.


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Framed Wedding Program

While cleaning a closet I stumbled upon a bit of wedding paraphernalia. What to do with it? I loved our programs, and invitations that G1 designed and wanted to see them everyday. I pulled my go-to decor move and framed three pieces in a double glass frame. And now they are floating on our shelfs dedicated to us. Don’t worry – the shelves are in our room so our friends aren’t nauseated when they come over.





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Textured Window Film Treatment

Our back door in the kitchen has been giving me a hard time. I fell in love with the sectioned window panes and then the night fell and I felt exposed. After months of living with the abuse, I decided to cover it up with lace, hoping to cherish the sunlight that did make it through. And I did a rush job and ended up with this:20140203-174646.jpg

And when I decided that I wanted it to actually look nice, I decided to start over. I stripped the door of its lace blanket and this is what I saw:


The back yard. Having a view is nice, but like I mentioned before, I need to feel safe!

So I headed to Home Depot and picked up some Artscape Textured Window Film. The  application process was very easy. All I needed was water and clean windows. The package came with a squeegee. I ended up using two of the smaller sizes (24×36) and finished in an evening, even after driving back to the Home Depot to pick up a second roll of film.

The end results:

20140203-174731.jpgI feel safe and better yet, proud that I didn’t leave my shotty curtains up!

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DIY Wall Paper { Yes, it’s paper on the wall}

Butterfly Wall Paper I am a renter and I am blessed with a wonderful landlord who allows me to paint. I am so lucky in the renters world. The other day I decided to paint the bathroom and after I had bumped the toilet and caused it to leak, I called my landlord when she reminded me that the bathroom was the ONLY room in the house that she would like left as is. SHOOT! I felt awful and now I am a bit wary for tackling any painting projects. It’s not that she won’t allow me to; she wrote me a nice email saying that I could paint any other room that I wanted and to enjoy it. But as I tackle my remorse, I am creating more ways to change my surroundings in a way that is easily reverted back to normal.

At work, I stumbled upon paper place-mats. They were beautiful with colors and different designs. Intended to be used at the table and then thrown away, I saw a different use. Wallpaper! And when they were marked down and put on the sale table, I immediately snagged up the butterflies,  and owls, and knives, and spoons and forks! I went a bit overboard. I had the perfect place for them – I found them a landing headed upstairs to our loft bedroom.

I didn’t take a before shot, but I do have a few somewhat questionable photos of my pets on the stairs:

Archer Stairs Before

Black Cat to Grey Cat: "Show me how you walk seductively"

Black Cat to Grey Cat: “Show me how you walk seductively”

"I'll try to walk seductively, as well."

“I’ll try to walk seductively, as well.”


I had my pad of Kitchen Papers in Butterfly, double-sided tape, a pencil, scissors, and a ruler. WARNING: you may not be able to stop taping paper to your walls. ADDICTING.

I started at the top and taped my first one on and then began to tape the others on side by side.

Kitchen Paper Butterflys


And I kept moving down from there.

Second RowAnd when I got to the corners where I couldn’t lay down an entire sheet, I left a blank space. I saved these spaces for the end so that I could tape up all the full sheets and then use the remaining pieces to fill in the holes.

Butterfly Wall Papers

Wall Papers with G1


To make the pieces fit into the empty spaces, I lined up the piece with the others and then placed it where it went, and when I reached the area that needed to be cut off, I grabbed my ruler and pencil and drew a line. I then cut the remainder off, and then taped down my new piece. I filled in all the empty spaces that ran along the hand-rail and then cut pieces to fit around the shelf.
image (5)

image (1)

Butterfly Wall Paper


The entire process took maybe 40 minutes and it really packs a punch. I feel great that I can take it down when we move and that we have a beautiful stairway.



"This hallway needs more character if I am going to shine!"

“This hallway needs more character if I am going to shine!”


Butterfly Wall Paper




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Oak Table Gone Dark {Refinishing an Oak Table}

TableRemodelCoverNow that the rain is lightening up, I have had an opportunity to tackle refinishing  our dining table.  I love a round table, it seems a bit more communal. Since there is usually only two of us eating at the table (when we can pull ourselves away from the TV and couch), it’s a bit stiff sitting across from each other. The round table is awesome – only as close as you care to be.

Oak Table

This is the first time we have had room for a table since moving to Washington, so we have been putting a lot of thought into what we wanted.  I knew a solid Oak table was expensive but I also knew you can get them quite frequently for free on Craigslists. The only problem was (and I have this problem quite often) that I wanted it at that very moment. So, when we found an oak table to Goodwillys for $65 and talked them down to $50… SOLD. I had done quite a bit of research on how to sand and stain/paint an oak table and learned that Oak tables love to absorb stain. So I made sure I had enough stain and and all my supplies before I began my project. I knew I wanted the top to be sanded a dark walnut and the bottom to be white.

Oak Table Before

I rolled the table top outside and brought the leaf  along to refinish at the same time. The table had a bit of marker on it and general nastiness that I was glad to bid ado.  I used my rotary sander and my drexel tool to get into the crevices. After the entire top surface and the lip had been sanded, I wiped of the excess sanding dust and let it dry in the sun.

Table Before Sanding

A bit of marker about to meet it’s enemy the sander.


Ready for some conditioning.


The worst part was over! Now onto the coloring magic. BUT WAIT! I wanted this to be a quality piece which meant I needed to condition the wood first! I knew I wanted to get down to the fun part, but I also knew I didn’t want to do this entire process again.

I applied the wood conditioning treatment just like you do stain. It didn’t smell like something I should have been breathing in, so I was happy I only needed to apply one coat.


After letting the conditioning soak in and dry, I excitedly jumped into staining. I had chosen Dark Walnut for this project and I threw on the first coat.


It seemed so light! I knew after the first coat that I would need to apply nearly 6 coats to achieve the dark nuttyness I wanted. I threw on the second coat after the first had dried.

First coat on the Left and second coat on the Right

First coat on the Left and second coat on the Right

And after the second coat, I threw on the third coat…

Table3CoatsThe table was becoming darker, but it wasn’t absorbing the rich dark brown I had hoped for. And like any professional painter, I decided now was a great time to mix my stains. I gathered a can of Kona stain from the basement and mixed it with the Dark Walnut and without looking back, I put on a coat.

TableRemodelKonaAnd hope slowly resurfaced in my mixture of Kona and Dark Walnut which we will now call Dr. Walona. I wasn’t so sure that I needed two coats of Dr. Walona, so I let the first coat dry and then headed onto another round of Dark Walnut. It was getting late and I wasn’t sure how dark it would dry, so after 4 coats of Dark Walnut and one coat of Dr. Walona, I went to bed and anxiously awoke to this:

TableRemodelMorninganad I was OK with it! It had dried very evenly and I loved the wood grain. The color was on par. I knew I wanted it a bit darker, so I did one more coat of Dr. Walona and then moved onto the sealant. The wood sealant was all it needed. It was finally the perfect shade of Dr. Walona.






“It’s not rich mahogany, but it will do.”


It was finally done! Well…..Almost done:

TableNOTFinishedI still have to finish the bottom. And yes, if you’re thinking that sanding into the angles of the beautifully articulate base is hindering me, than yes, you are exactly correct. I’m thinking I may just prime it and paint it white… someday. For now, we are enjoying our table top and sitting however far or close to each other we like.

Just a reminder:


Oak Table And AFTER


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