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Step 3 of My Tidyness Project: Papers

Do you have a few minutes? That’s really all the time you will need to spare to read this post.

Paper sorting is the least glamourous  section of the KnonMarie method.

She only has one rule: Discard everything.

“The basic principles for sorting papers is to throw them all away.” – Marie Kondo

Easy enough, right? If you have a few papers that you’re unsure if you can toss, she does go into further detail.

Dispose of them if the papers do not fall into one of these categories:

1. Papers currently in use.

2. Papers that you  need to keep for a short period of time.

3. Must be kept indefinitely. This doesn’t include sentimental letters.


Of the papers you must keep, she goes into how to file them:

1. Papers that need to be saved. Sort by frequency of use and store them in a clear plastic file.

2. Papers that need to be attended to. This would include letters that require replies, forms that should be submitted, etc.

3. Attend to #2! Get on your replies, people! If these papers need attended to, do so quickly then discard them.


She makes it clear that you need to discard of any manuals, used checkbooks, pay-stubs and greeting cards (unless they are sentimental, then you’ll deal with those later).

That’s it.

I have no pictures to show you because it was that uneventful. This took me 30 minutes to complete (and a week to post about but that’s another story).

I cleared out our file cabinet without looking back. This step was the easiest for me and I loved it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to toss my husbands papers per our agreement, but I hope he is able to breeze through this step as effortlessly as I was able to.


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DIY Wall Paper { Yes, it’s paper on the wall}

Butterfly Wall Paper I am a renter and I am blessed with a wonderful landlord who allows me to paint. I am so lucky in the renters world. The other day I decided to paint the bathroom and after I had bumped the toilet and caused it to leak, I called my landlord when she reminded me that the bathroom was the ONLY room in the house that she would like left as is. SHOOT! I felt awful and now I am a bit wary for tackling any painting projects. It’s not that she won’t allow me to; she wrote me a nice email saying that I could paint any other room that I wanted and to enjoy it. But as I tackle my remorse, I am creating more ways to change my surroundings in a way that is easily reverted back to normal.

At work, I stumbled upon paper place-mats. They were beautiful with colors and different designs. Intended to be used at the table and then thrown away, I saw a different use. Wallpaper! And when they were marked down and put on the sale table, I immediately snagged up the butterflies,  and owls, and knives, and spoons and forks! I went a bit overboard. I had the perfect place for them – I found them a landing headed upstairs to our loft bedroom.

I didn’t take a before shot, but I do have a few somewhat questionable photos of my pets on the stairs:

Archer Stairs Before

Black Cat to Grey Cat: "Show me how you walk seductively"

Black Cat to Grey Cat: “Show me how you walk seductively”

"I'll try to walk seductively, as well."

“I’ll try to walk seductively, as well.”


I had my pad of Kitchen Papers in Butterfly, double-sided tape, a pencil, scissors, and a ruler. WARNING: you may not be able to stop taping paper to your walls. ADDICTING.

I started at the top and taped my first one on and then began to tape the others on side by side.

Kitchen Paper Butterflys


And I kept moving down from there.

Second RowAnd when I got to the corners where I couldn’t lay down an entire sheet, I left a blank space. I saved these spaces for the end so that I could tape up all the full sheets and then use the remaining pieces to fill in the holes.

Butterfly Wall Papers

Wall Papers with G1


To make the pieces fit into the empty spaces, I lined up the piece with the others and then placed it where it went, and when I reached the area that needed to be cut off, I grabbed my ruler and pencil and drew a line. I then cut the remainder off, and then taped down my new piece. I filled in all the empty spaces that ran along the hand-rail and then cut pieces to fit around the shelf.
image (5)

image (1)

Butterfly Wall Paper


The entire process took maybe 40 minutes and it really packs a punch. I feel great that I can take it down when we move and that we have a beautiful stairway.



"This hallway needs more character if I am going to shine!"

“This hallway needs more character if I am going to shine!”


Butterfly Wall Paper




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